Kanye West Sued for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination by Former Assistant

Kanye West Sued for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination by Former Assistant

Recent court documents obtained by Page Six reveal that Kanye West’s former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper. Pisciotta alleges that she experienced sexual harassment and wrongful termination during her time working for West. The lawsuit claims that Pisciotta began working for West in July 2021, assisting him in the launch of his Yeezy fashion line. Despite being offered a substantial salary of $1 million, Pisciotta was required to be available to West 24/7, a condition to which she agreed. However, the situation took a turn when West allegedly asked Pisciotta to delete her OnlyFans account in 2022, in exchange for a pay increase to $2 million. Despite this promise, West reportedly failed to adjust her salary accordingly. Shortly after these events, Pisciotta claims that West began sending her explicit and vulgar text messages, detailing his sexual desires and fantasies. The lawsuit further alleges that West shared intimate photos of both current and former Yeezy employees with Pisciotta, creating a hostile work environment for her.

Details of the Allegations

Among the disturbing incidents detailed in the lawsuit, Pisciotta claims that West sent her crude messages and explicit content, including photos and videos of himself engaging in sexual activities with other women. Additionally, Pisciotta alleges that West masturbated while they were on the phone, asked inappropriate questions about her personal life and relationships, and forced her to remove clothing in the office. The lawsuit further describes an incident where West allegedly locked Pisciotta in a room with him while he masturbated next to her before falling asleep. Pisciotta also asserts that West became angry when she rejected his advances for a romantic or sexual relationship. Despite these troubling actions, Pisciotta was promoted to the role of Chief of Staff of several of West’s companies in September 2022, with a salary of $4 million. However, West terminated her just one month later, without providing the $3 million severance package that was promised to her.

Seeking Compensation and Response

In response to these allegations, Pisciotta’s lawsuit seeks compensation for breach of contract and the hostile work environment created by West’s behavior. Representatives for West have not yet provided a comment on the matter, as reported by Page Six. This lawsuit comes on the heels of another legal battle for West, where he was accused of discriminatory practices by firing a former black employee, Benjamin Deshon Provo, based on his race. The allegations against West continue to raise concerns about his treatment of employees and the work environment within his companies.


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