Khloé Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Daughter True’s New Business Venture

Khloé Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Daughter True’s New Business Venture

Khloé Kardashian recently announced that her 6-year-old daughter, True, would be the new face of the pajama brand Zip N’ Bear. While the reality star and her daughter were excited about this new opportunity, fans were quick to criticize the decision, raising concerns about child labor and exploitation.

In an Instagram post, True excitedly shared the news, surrounded by stuffed bears, while Kardashian praised her daughter’s enthusiasm for the brand. However, fans were not as supportive, with many expressing their disapproval of a young child being involved in a business venture. Some suggested that True should be focused on more charitable endeavors, rather than promoting a commercial product.

Comments on social media ranged from questioning the Kardashian family’s motives to outright disdain for exploiting their children for financial gain. The backlash highlighted the ongoing debate about the ethics of child celebrity endorsements and the responsibilities of parents in managing their children’s public image.

Despite the criticism, True’s father, Tristan Thompson, also shared his pride in his daughter’s new role, emphasizing her beauty and talent. It is interesting to note the differing reactions within the family, as Kardashian’s niece, North West, had recently showcased her acting skills in a production of “The Lion King.”

The controversy surrounding Khloé Kardashian’s decision to involve her daughter in a business venture underscores the challenges of raising children in the public eye. While some may view it as a harmless opportunity for True to explore her interests, others see it as a questionable exploitation of a young child. The debate serves as a reminder of the complex ethical considerations involved in celebrity parenting and the need for thoughtful reflection on the impact of such decisions on children’s well-being.


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