Kim Kardashian Puts Pricey Crocodile Birkin Up for Sale

Kim Kardashian Puts Pricey Crocodile Birkin Up for Sale

Reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian is making headlines once again, this time for putting up one of her designer handbags for sale. She is offering her rare peacock blue Porosus Crocodile Birkin bag from her “coveted collection” to one lucky fan. However, the hefty price tag of $49,995.00, excluding shipping costs, may deter some potential buyers. Despite the high price, Kardashian’s Birkin bag is expected to be sold quickly.

The featured designer tote boasts exquisite details, including palladium hardware and double handles. It also features a twist lock and lock & key closure, adding an element of luxury and security. Despite the bag being in “good condition” with minor wear and tear, it remains a highly desirable item among fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

Kim Kardashian is known for her love of Birkin bags, often showcasing them during public appearances and outings. Recently, she caught attention by flaunting an oversized gray Haut à courroies bag, which can double as an overnight bag. However, Kardashian’s handbag choices are not solely based on fashion; she also uses them for business purposes, as seen when she was photographed with paperwork and a notebook peeking out of her bag while entering a building.

From glamorous events to casual outings, Kardashian is rarely seen without her Birkin bag in hand. In a soccer game in Osaka, Japan, she turned heads by carrying the “world’s most expensive handbag” – a chic Hermès Crocodile Birkin worth over $100,000. In addition to indulging in luxury herself, Kardashian has passed on her expensive taste to her daughter, North West, who has been spotted with a $10,000 Birkin of her own.

As the founder of SKIMS and a prominent fashion influencer, Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices continue to set trends and captivate audiences worldwide. Selling items from her personal collection not only allows fans to own a piece of her style but also creates a sense of exclusivity. The price of the luxury items reflects their rarity and desirability, catering to those who can afford to indulge in high-end fashion.

The Kardashian family’s online store, Kardashian Kloset, offers fans the opportunity to purchase pre-owned designer items straight from their wardrobes. From Birkin bags to Louis Vuitton duffle bags and items from Chanel, the collection appeals to fashion enthusiasts seeking a taste of Kardashian-style glamour. However, the high price tags may limit the accessibility of these coveted items to only a select few.

Kim Kardashian’s decision to sell her rare crocodile Birkin bag has caused a buzz among fashion lovers. Her choice to part with such coveted items adds a sense of exclusivity to the sale. Whether as a fashion statement or a business accessory, Kardashian’s Birkin bags continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite the high price tags, fans are eager to own a piece of her iconic style.


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