Lala Kent Confronts Tom Sandoval in Explosive Fight on “Vanderpump Rules”

Lala Kent Confronts Tom Sandoval in Explosive Fight on “Vanderpump Rules”

The tension between Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval reached its breaking point during a recent episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” In a heated argument, Kent called out Sandoval for his past comments about her honesty, only to later discover that he was the one keeping a major secret – a seven-month affair with Raquel Leviss. Kent hoped for an apology from Sandoval, but instead, their confrontation took a surprising turn, revealing deeper issues.

During the confrontation in Lake Tahoe, Kent expressed her sympathy for Leviss after hearing about her struggles with Sandoval. Kent accused Sandoval of isolating, grooming, and lying – behaviors that made her question his character and intentions. Kent didn’t hold back, telling Sandoval that he was “scary” and expressing her disappointment in his actions.

As Kent tried to seek closure from Sandoval, he responded by bringing up old rumors about her past relationship with Randall Emmett. Sandoval pointed out that both of them had lied in different circumstances, suggesting that they were both at fault. However, Kent felt insulted by Sandoval’s refusal to apologize and his use of her past against her.

After some intervention from their friends, Sandoval finally expressed regret for his actions and apologized to Kent. He acknowledged that he hadn’t fully understood her perspective and recognized the impact of his behavior on their relationship. Kent was moved by Sandoval’s apology and expressed gratitude for his willingness to evolve and change.

Despite the intense confrontation, both Kent and Sandoval seemed open to reflecting on their actions and growing from the experience. Sandoval admitted that he was still processing everything and that the situation had changed his perception of Kent. The episode ended with a sense of reconciliation and a glimpse of hope for their future interactions.

The explosive fight between Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval on “Vanderpump Rules” shed light on the complexities of relationships and the significance of empathy, honesty, and reconciliation. While the confrontation was intense and emotional, it ultimately led to a moment of growth and understanding between the two co-stars. As the new season unfolds, viewers can expect more revelations, confrontations, and opportunities for personal development among the cast members.


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