Lil Pump Predicts Jake Paul Victory Over Mike Tyson

Lil Pump Predicts Jake Paul Victory Over Mike Tyson

Lil Pump recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. Pump believes that Jake Paul, the younger and faster fighter, will come out on top in the bout scheduled for July 20. Despite Tyson’s experience in the ring, Pump is confident that Jake will do what he does best and emerge victorious.

During a recent episode of the “BS w/ Jake Paul” podcast, Lil Pump experienced firsthand the power of Jake’s punches. Pump revealed that he took a brutal liver shot from Paul that left him in considerable pain. Despite considering seeking medical attention, Pump decided against it, believing it would be weak to go to the doctor for a liver punch.

While Pump is rooting for Jake Paul to win the fight, he also expressed his fear of getting punched by a boxing legend like Mike Tyson. Pump admitted that he would be afraid for his life if he were to take a punch from Tyson, highlighting the enduring reputation of Iron Mike as a fierce competitor in the ring.

Although Lil Pump is firmly in Jake Paul’s corner, many in the boxing community have different views on the outcome of the fight. Legends like Lennox Lewis, Chuck Liddell, and Tyron Woodley believe that Tyson will have no trouble defeating Paul. They anticipate an easy victory for the former heavyweight champion, contrasting with Pump’s prediction of a Jake Paul win.

Lil Pump’s prediction for the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight adds an interesting perspective to the ongoing debate surrounding the event. While Pump believes in Jake’s abilities to overcome the boxing legend, the contrasting opinions from other notable figures in the sport suggest that the outcome remains uncertain. As the fight date approaches, fans and experts alike eagerly await the showdown to determine who will emerge victorious in this highly anticipated match.


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