Lindsay Hubbard Announces Pregnancy With First Child

Lindsay Hubbard Announces Pregnancy With First Child

Exciting news was shared by reality TV star Lindsay Hubbard as she took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy with her first child. The “Summer House” star shared a photo holding up a positive Clearblue pregnancy test with a caption that read, “Trigger Warning: This post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!” This announcement came on the Fourth of July, making it a special and celebratory moment for Hubbard and her partner.

A New Chapter

While Hubbard did not reveal the identity of the father, she expressed her and her boyfriend’s excitement in welcoming their little one, affectionately referred to as #HubbCub, during the holiday season in 2024. This marks a new chapter in Hubbard’s life, and she expressed her belief in the universe having a bigger plan for her, indicating that this pregnancy is a significant part of that plan.

Prior Relationship Experiences

This joyous news comes after Hubbard’s previous relationship experiences, including a public split from former fianc√© Carl Radke. The couple called off their engagement in August 2023, just months before they were scheduled to tie the knot in November. Their relationship struggles have been documented on the current season of “Summer House,” showcasing the challenges they faced leading up to their breakup.

A Journey to Motherhood

Hubbard’s desire to become a mother has been evident in her actions, including her decision to freeze her eggs in May 2022. She shared her experience of going through the egg retrieval process, emphasizing the importance of having a backup plan in her pursuit of starting a family. The journey to motherhood has been a significant one for Hubbard, highlighted by her openness about her desire for children and the challenges she faced along the way.

Despite facing setbacks, such as a previous miscarriage with a co-star, Hubbard remained resilient in her pursuit of motherhood. She bravely shared her experiences, including the emotional impact of losing a pregnancy, and how it shaped her outlook on starting a family. Hubbard’s journey reflects her personal growth and determination to overcome obstacles in her path to becoming a mother.

As Hubbard embarks on this new chapter of motherhood, she is met with excitement and anticipation for the arrival of her first child. The support of her partner and the journey she has taken to reach this point reflect her strength and resilience in the face of adversity. The future holds new challenges and joys for Hubbard as she prepares to welcome her #HubbCub into the world, marking a milestone in her life and career.


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