Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie Announces Engagement

Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie Announces Engagement

Rosie Kelly, daughter of television host Lorraine Kelly, has recently revealed the exciting news of her engagement to boyfriend Steve White. The 29-year-old shared the details of the special moment with a series of stunning photos showcasing her beautiful engagement ring. The pictures suggest that Steve proposed during a holiday, with picturesque sea views and palm trees in the background.

In the caption accompanying the photos, Rosie expressed her overwhelming joy and disbelief at the surprise proposal. She wrote, “There are too many lovely things going on and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Everyone always told me you’ll know when it’s about to happen but I had absolutely no idea, but I have a lifetime to get you back @stevewhite94.” Rosie also gave credit to the jeweler who helped design the stunning ring, expressing her gratitude in a humorous tone.

Lorraine Kelly could not contain her excitement at the news of her daughter’s engagement and was quick to share her happiness in the comments section. She expressed her joy by stating, “So happy – it’s such lovely news and I will have a son as well as a granddaughter.” Other well-wishers, including Christine Lampard, also offered their congratulations to the couple, with one commenter specifically highlighting the beauty of Rosie’s ring.

In the photos shared by Rosie, she looked radiant in a cream strapless dress that elegantly displayed her baby bump. Her fashionable choice of oversized sunglasses added a touch of glamour to the beachside setting where the proposal took place. Despite being caught off guard by the surprise, Rosie’s perfectly manicured nails reflected her attention to detail and style.

Rosie is currently expecting a baby girl, as revealed in a previous interview with HELLO! Magazine. Lorraine Kelly expressed her excitement at becoming a grandmother and shared a heartwarming moment when she felt the baby kick for the first time. The impending arrival of the new family member has brought immense joy and anticipation to Lorraine’s household.

The announcement of Rosie’s engagement has been met with an outpouring of love and well-wishes from friends, family, and fans alike. The combination of love, joy, and anticipation for the new addition to the family has created a sense of celebration and happiness. The upcoming wedding and birth of Rosie’s child are sure to be cherished moments for the Kelly family.

Overall, Rosie Kelly’s announcement of her engagement has brought a sense of excitement and happiness to those around her. With the support and love of her family, Rosie looks forward to embarking on this new chapter in her life with enthusiasm and joy. The journey towards marriage and motherhood promises to be filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories for Rosie and Steve as they build their future together.


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