Love Story of Jelly Roll and Bunny XO: A Unique Journey

Love Story of Jelly Roll and Bunny XO: A Unique Journey

Jelly Roll, the renowned music artist, recounted the unconventional love story of how he met his wife Bunny XO on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. They first crossed paths at a bar in 2015 after Bunny witnessed Jelly Roll’s performance in Las Vegas. Recalling that moment, Jelly Roll expressed his instant affection for her, stating, “I loved her from the moment I met her.” Their initial meeting was described as poetic, akin to a timeless encounter in an ordinary setting like a grocery store aisle.

A Test of Love

Bunny XO, a successful podcaster hosting the show Dumb Blonde, is not only Jelly Roll’s wife but also a caring stepmother to his two children. Jelly Roll shared a touching sentiment about his daughter’s upcoming Sweet 16 birthday party, emphasizing the importance of family above all else. Despite Jelly Roll’s troubled past, including incarceration for aggravated assault and drug dealing, Bunny stood by his side during their personal struggles. Their bond served as a catalyst for positive change in their lives.

From facing legal troubles to receiving Grammy nominations, Jelly Roll’s journey is indeed a remarkable rags-to-riches tale. His past brushes with the law did not deter him from pursuing a successful music career. Reflecting on his tumultuous past, Jelly Roll humorously admitted to being a less-than-skilled criminal during his youth. However, the birth of his daughter motivated him to break free from the cycle of criminal behavior and strive for a better future.

Jelly Roll and Bunny XO’s love story continues to evolve as they embark on a new journey towards expanding their family. Revealing their decision to pursue IVF treatment for a potential addition to their family, Bunny shared their excitement and apprehension about the prospect of welcoming a new member. Despite initially planning to keep their IVF journey private, they opted to share it with their followers due to their commitment to openness and honesty.

The love between Jelly Roll and Bunny XO serves as a testament to resilience, growth, and unwavering support. Jelly Roll’s admiration for Bunny’s strength and determination to overcome challenges highlights the depth of their connection. As they embrace the possibility of welcoming a new member into their family, their bond continues to strengthen, solidifying their status as partners in love and life.

Jelly Roll and Bunny XO’s love story exemplifies the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and personal growth. Through their shared experiences and unwavering support for each other, they have overcome obstacles and emerged stronger together. As they look towards the future with optimism and a commitment to expanding their family, their journey remains an inspiring tale of love and resilience.


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