Madonna’s Legal Woes Over Late Concerts

Madonna’s Legal Woes Over Late Concerts

Madonna, the iconic pop star, is facing legal troubles over her late concerts. Fans Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden filed a class-action lawsuit after her New York City “Celebration” tour concerts started hours past the advertised time. They claimed that the shows were falsely advertised, as Madonna did not hit the stage until after 10:30 p.m., even though the start times were listed as 8:30 p.m. However, Madonna’s lawyers have asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that the complaint of fans having to “get up early to go to work” the next day does not constitute legal “injury” for which someone can be sued.

Finding Fault in Fandom

Fellows and Hadden argued that Madonna’s tardiness was a “wanton exercise in false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.” They claimed that there was no notice provided to ticket holders about the concerts starting much later than the printed start time on the ticket. On the contrary, Madonna’s legal team contended that there was nothing unreasonable about the timing of the concerts. They stated that nowhere did the defendants advertise that Madonna would take the stage at 8:30 p.m. and that reasonable concertgoers would understand the typical flow of events at a major arena concert.

Madonna’s lawyers emphasized that the lawsuit did not allege any subpar performance from the Queen of Pop. They mentioned that no claims were made about her performance being worth less than what fans paid for their tickets or that concertgoers left before watching her entire performance. Nevertheless, several fans voiced their disappointment on social media, demanding refunds for the excessively late shows. One fan expressed frustration, stating that regardless of Madonna’s status, being three hours late is simply rude. Another fan recounted how the entire arena chanted in frustration over the delayed start time of the concert.

Controversy and Criticism

The controversy surrounding Madonna’s late concerts has sparked criticism from various sources. Sara Haines, co-host of “The View,” condemned Madonna’s behavior as disrespectful towards her fans. She accused the singer of flipping off the audience who paid to see her perform and advised against such diva-like conduct. The legal battle over the late concerts adds another layer of contention to Madonna’s “Celebration” tour, which has already been marred by headlines of on-stage mishaps and confrontations.

Madonna’s legal woes come amidst a turbulent tour that began in London but faced delays due to the singer’s serious bacterial infection. Despite declaring it a “f—ing miracle” that she was alive and able to perform, Madonna’s tour has been plagued by incidents like her fall in Seattle and a contentious interaction with a wheelchair-bound fan in Los Angeles. The ongoing drama surrounding Madonna’s concerts raises questions about celebrity entitlement and fan expectations in the realm of live performances.


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