Master P Believes He Could Coach the Pelicans to a Championship

Master P Believes He Could Coach the Pelicans to a Championship

After the New Orleans Pelicans were swept in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs, Master P expressed his belief that he could transform the team into a championship contender if given the opportunity to join the coaching staff. Despite the disappointing end to the season at the hands of the number one seed OKC Thunder, Master P remains optimistic about the future of NOLA hoops. While some fans have suggested that the team should move on from Zion Williamson and other key players, P thinks that the team has potential but may need a few more years to develop.

It is no secret that Master P has long desired to coach in the NBA, and he truly believes that he could make a significant impact on the Pelicans if given the chance. Having briefly played in the NBA with the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors in 1999, Master P’s basketball knowledge and experience could be invaluable to the team. He confidently stated, “Y’all need to put me on the coaching staff next year and we gon’ win the whole thing.”

In addition to his own aspirations, Master P is also proud of his son, Mercy Miller, who recently committed to the University of Houston. Despite his own success in basketball, Master P recognizes that his son is even more talented at his age and fully supports Mercy’s basketball journey. Mercy, who was named a 2024 Wooden Award Boys’ High School Player of the Year, remains humble and focused on his craft, stating, “I got a lot of work to do though, I’mma just keep grinding.”

As both Master P and Mercy continue to pursue their basketball dreams, the possibility of a future Pelicans coach-son duo is intriguing. With Master P’s vision and experience, combined with Mercy’s talent and dedication, the Miller family could potentially make a significant impact on the basketball world. Only time will tell if Master P’s coaching aspirations will come to fruition and if we will see a new coaching dynamic in the NBA with the Pelicans.


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