Mediaite’s 15th Anniversary Party: A Night of Awkward Encounters and Cross-Network Comradery

Mediaite’s 15th Anniversary Party: A Night of Awkward Encounters and Cross-Network Comradery

Former CNN boss Chris Licht found himself in a bit of a sticky situation at Mediaite’s 15th-anniversary party. Sources exclusively revealed that Licht narrowly missed his ex-anchor Don Lemon at the event, which could have made for some uncomfortable interactions. Licht famously let Lemon go before facing his own ousting in a Warner Bros. Discovery shake-up. However, it seems the two managed to avoid each other altogether, sparing themselves from any potentially tense moments.

Despite the potential for awkward encounters, the Mediaite party was filled with moments of cross-network comradery. The event was presided over by Mediaite founder Dan Abrams and editor-in-chief Aidan McLaughlin, creating an atmosphere of unity among media personalities. Attendees from different networks mingled and socialized, with some unexpected interactions taking place.

One spy revealed that Joe Scarborough and Steve Doocy engaged in a temporary truce between MSNBC and Fox News. Despite their network allegiances, the two greeted each other warmly, even posing for a photo together. Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly caught up with former Fox colleague Julie Banderas, showcasing the camaraderie that transcends network boundaries. Bill O’Reilly was also seen engaging with CNN anchors, illustrating the diverse mix of media personalities in attendance.

The party was not just about awkward encounters and surprising connections; it was also a night for socializing and schmoozing. Geraldo Rivera was spotted hanging out with Sunny Hostin and Jim Acosta, exchanging pleasantries and engaging in conversation. Other notable figures like Ben Sherwood, Pat Kiernan, Ari Melber, and Abby Phillip were seen mingling with guests, adding to the lively atmosphere of the event. The presence of Andrew Ross Sorkin, John Berman, and Elie Honig further emphasized the diverse mix of media personalities in attendance.

Overall, Mediaite’s 15th-anniversary party was a night filled with unexpected moments, cross-network comradery, and lively socializing. Despite the potential for awkward encounters, attendees managed to navigate the event with grace and professionalism, showcasing the camaraderie that exists within the media industry. It was a reminder that even in a competitive field, connections can be made, and relationships can be nurtured beyond network affiliations.


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