Meghan Markle: From Actress to Lifestyle Brand Creator

Meghan Markle: From Actress to Lifestyle Brand Creator

Meghan Markle has always been a woman of many talents. From her acting days to becoming a Duchess, she has now ventured into the world of creating her own lifestyle brand – American Riviera Orchard. This transition has intrigued royal fans all over the world as they eagerly anticipate the launch of her first product.

A Hint of What’s to Come

The Duchess of Sussex recently sent hampers to her nearest and dearest, giving them a sneak peek into her upcoming brand. Among those who received these special deliveries were notable figures such as fashion designer Tracy Robbins and Delfina Blaquier, the wife of polo player Nacho Figueras. The surprise parcel contained a jar of jam, hinting at the type of products we can expect from Meghan’s lifestyle empire.

Roots of Inspiration

It seems that Meghan’s journey towards creating American Riviera Orchard has been years in the making. A photo from her past resurfaced, showcasing the Duchess exploring Malta and indulging in the country’s handmade jams. This photo dates back to 2015 when Meghan was commissioned by ELLE UK to write a travel piece about her adventures in various Maltese destinations.

Before her entry into the royal family, Meghan was an active writer for her lifestyle blog, The Tig. This platform served as an avenue for her personal musings on food, travel, fashion, and beauty. The discontinuation of The Tig left fans craving for more of Meghan’s down-to-earth content, making the creation of American Riviera Orchard a natural progression for the Duchess.

Christine Ross, a royal expert, highlighted that American Riviera Orchard was the logical next step for Meghan. The relatability of Meghan’s content on platforms like The Tig resonated with audiences, sparking an interest in her lifestyle choices and preferences. From breakfast recipes to travel recommendations, Meghan’s brand aims to capture the essence of her personal style and taste.

As Meghan prepares to launch American Riviera Orchard, speculation mounts about the diverse range of products the brand will offer. Trademark applications reveal a mix of tableware, cutlery, dinnerware, and various food items such as jams, spreads, and butters. With her move to Montecito with Prince Harry, Meghan has also delved into commercial deals with major entertainment platforms like Netflix and Spotify, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Meghan Markle’s transition from a renowned actress to a budding lifestyle brand creator signifies her evolution and adaptability. As she embarks on this new chapter in her life, fans await eagerly to see the unique touch and flair she will bring to American Riviera Orchard. With her charisma and charm, Meghan is set to leave a lasting impression on the world of lifestyle brands.


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