Meghan Markle Pays Tribute to Princess Diana Through Fashion Choices

Meghan Markle Pays Tribute to Princess Diana Through Fashion Choices

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has once again taken inspiration from Princess Diana in her recent fashion choices. During her trip to Nigeria, Markle was seen wearing a gold necklace that bore a striking resemblance to one worn by Princess Diana during her visit to the same African country. Markle’s fashion choice of pairing the gold collar jewelry with a cream-colored top and white blazer mirrored Diana’s preference for light colors during her own visit in 1991.

Not only did Markle pay homage to Princess Diana through her fashion choices, but she also wore a gold cross necklace that actually belonged to Diana. This dainty chain was showcased by Markle as she paired it with a white strapless linen dress during an event in Nigeria. The Duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, attended a reception hosted by Christopher Musa, the chief of the Nigerian defense staff, in support of military families.

Markle’s admiration for Princess Diana extends beyond jewelry as she has been seen wearing her Cartier watch during a hike in May 2023. Reportedly, Markle wears this timepiece almost daily. Additionally, she sports a Bentley & Skinner diamond tennis bracelet, believed to be a gift from King Charles III to his late ex-wife. Markle’s fashion choices clearly reflect her admiration for Princess Diana and her iconic style.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in Africa to promote their philanthropic endeavors. During their visit, Markle set tongues wagging online when she wore a dress named “Windsor,” the same as the royal house of the United Kingdom. Some critics speculated that Markle’s fashion choices were intended to seek infamy rather than approval, drawing comparisons to Wallis Simpson’s controversial actions. However, royal fans appreciate Markle’s efforts to honor Princess Diana through her fashion choices.

Meghan Markle’s fashion choices during her trip to Nigeria and beyond show her deep admiration and respect for Princess Diana. By incorporating pieces that once belonged to Diana and drawing inspiration from her iconic style, Markle pays tribute to the legacy of the former Princess of Wales. Markle’s fashion statements not only reflect her personal style but also serve as a touching homage to an unforgettable royal figure.


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