Meghan Trainor Renews Vows and Balances Career with Motherhood

Meghan Trainor Renews Vows and Balances Career with Motherhood

Meghan Trainor made a surprising announcement that she and her husband, Daryl Sabara, decided to renew their vows on her 30th birthday. This was not a one-time event as they plan to repeat this ceremony every five years. The “All About That Bass” singer expressed her gratitude towards her family and team for helping her maintain a balance between her successful career and her role as a mother.

The Importance of Family and Team Support

Trainor emphasized the essential role her team plays in her life, referring to them as her family. She acknowledged her manager, Tommy, who officiated both her initial wedding and the vow renewal ceremony. This team has been pivotal in ensuring that Trainor can navigate the demands of her career while prioritizing her personal life. The strong foundation of support from her loved ones has been instrumental in her ability to thrive in both areas of her life.

A Growing Family

The couple, who tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony in their Los Angeles home in 2018, have since welcomed two sons, Riley, 3, and Barry, who is about to turn 1 in July. Despite experiencing challenges such as childbirth complications, Trainor’s desire to expand their family remains unwavering. She openly shared her aspiration to have more children, particularly daughters, in the future.

Trainor candidly spoke about the difficulties she faced during the birth of her first son, highlighting the distressing moments when he did not cry immediately after birth. This experience left her feeling scared and uncertain about her son’s well-being. However, with resilience and support from her husband, they were able to overcome these challenges and bring their son home after a few days in the hospital.

As Trainor and Sabara navigate the joys and trials of parenthood, they continue to prioritize their family and their commitment to each other. Their decision to renew their vows periodically reflects their dedication to strengthening their bond over time. Trainor’s unwavering determination to create a harmonious balance between her career and motherhood serves as an inspiration to many, proving that with resilience, love, and a strong support system, anything is possible.


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