Mike Tyson’s Health Scare During a Cross-Country Flight

Mike Tyson’s Health Scare During a Cross-Country Flight

Mike Tyson recently experienced a health scare while flying cross-country from Miami to Los Angeles. The former boxer suffered an ulcer flare-up that caused him considerable pain, leading to flight attendants seeking medical assistance from any professionals on board the plane.

Upon landing at LAX, paramedics boarded the plane and provided immediate treatment to Tyson. Despite the distressing situation, Tyson’s representative confirmed that he is now doing well and recovering from the episode. The incident was initially reported by In Touch Weekly.

The majority of passengers on the flight were unaware that it was Mike Tyson who had the medical emergency. The pilot’s announcement asking for medical assistance was broadcasted on the onboard screens before being made over the public address system. It was later revealed that there was a 2-hour delay in the flight’s departure, unrelated to Tyson’s condition, as it was due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft.

Reassurance and Future Plans

Despite the setback, Tyson’s representative ensured that the delay in takeoff and the subsequent medical attention did not affect Tyson’s well-being. At 57 years old, Tyson is currently preparing for his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul in July. This health scare serves as a reminder of the importance of managing one’s health, especially for individuals like Tyson engaged in physically demanding activities. The incident also highlights the value of having medical professionals available during emergencies, even at unexpected times and locations.

Overall, this incident sheds light on the vulnerability of even well-known public figures like Mike Tyson to health issues and serves as a reminder of the significance of immediate medical attention in critical situations. It is crucial for everyone to prioritize their health and well-being, regardless of their status or occupation. As Tyson continues his training for the upcoming match, his recovery from this recent health scare underscores the resilience and determination that have defined his career as a professional boxer.


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