Musician Jewel Opens Up About Relationship Rumors with Kevin Costner

Musician Jewel Opens Up About Relationship Rumors with Kevin Costner

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, musician Jewel couldn’t help but shower actor Kevin Costner with compliments. She described him as a “great person” and openly acknowledged the intense public fascination surrounding their alleged romance. Despite the rumors swirling around them, Jewel seemed to be glowing with admiration for Costner.

The rumors of a budding romance between Jewel, 49, and Costner, 69, first began circulating in December when photos of them getting cozy in the British Virgin Islands surfaced. In the pictures obtained by TMZ, Costner had his arms wrapped around Jewel’s waist as they interacted with the audience during a tennis fundraiser hosted by Jewel on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Their chemistry was palpable to onlookers, leading to speculations about the nature of their relationship.

It was reported that Richard Branson played a significant role in setting up Costner and Jewel. Branson, a longtime friend of both individuals, offered his private island as the venue for the fundraiser, which ultimately brought Costner and Jewel closer together. According to insider sources, Branson was the mastermind behind their initial connection, and the two hit it off well during the event.

Despite the rumors and the undeniable chemistry between Jewel and Costner, sources claim that their relationship is not serious. Costner, who recently went through a divorce from Christine Baumgartner after 18 years of marriage, and Jewel, who was previously married to Ty Murray, seem to be enjoying each other’s company without any long-term commitments. They are taking things slow and keeping their new relationship light-hearted.

Witnesses who observed Costner and Jewel during their time together noted the flirtatious behavior and the undeniable connection between the two. Despite their attempts to keep things low-key, their interactions were described as vibrant and filled with warmth. The unexpected pairing of the talented musician and the seasoned actor sparked curiosity and surprise among onlookers, adding fuel to the rumors surrounding their relationship.

As Jewel and Costner continue to navigate the scrutiny of the public eye, their newfound connection seems to be progressing organically. Both individuals have had their fair share of personal challenges, and this casual relationship appears to be a source of joy and companionship for them. Whether or not their bond will evolve into something more serious remains to be seen, but for now, they are content to enjoy each other’s company and see where this journey takes them.


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