Noah Cyrus Likes Liam Hemsworth’s Thirst Trap Instagram Post, Stirring Up Family Drama

Noah Cyrus Likes Liam Hemsworth’s Thirst Trap Instagram Post, Stirring Up Family Drama

Noah Cyrus recently made headlines when she liked a thirst trap post on Instagram by her former brother-in-law, Liam Hemsworth. The post, which featured Hemsworth showing off his muscled arms in a gym selfie, caught the attention of Cyrus and sparked a response from fans.

Family Feud Speculations

The liking of Hemsworth’s post by Cyrus comes amid rumors of a brewing feud within the Cyrus family. Reports surfaced that Tish Cyrus, the mother of Noah, began dating Dominic Purcell, who had a previous romantic involvement with Noah. This news reportedly came as a surprise to Miley Cyrus, who had no prior knowledge of the situation.

Upon learning about her mother’s relationship with Purcell, Miley confronted Tish and expressed her concerns. Despite finding the situation strange, Miley ultimately wanted her mother to be happy. The family has since sought therapy to work on their communication and heal from the rift caused by the new relationship dynamics.

Tish Cyrus, aged 56, and Purcell, aged 54, publicly confirmed their relationship in November 2022. They later got married in a ceremony held in Miley Cyrus’s backyard, just over a year after Tish’s divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus. The couple’s union has been met with mixed reactions within the family, with tensions running high amidst the ongoing drama.

The Cyrus family’s public feud and relationship dynamics have captured the attention of fans and media outlets alike. The unexpected twists and turns in their personal lives have added a layer of complexity to their already high-profile family dynamics. As they navigate through these challenges, it remains to be seen how the family will come together and move forward in the midst of controversy and speculation.


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