O.J. Simpson Estate Executor to Discuss Probate Claims with Creditors

O.J. Simpson Estate Executor to Discuss Probate Claims with Creditors

Malcolm LaVergne, the longtime lawyer and now the executor of O.J. Simpson’s estate, has taken the initiative to reach out to lawyers representing the Brown and Goldman families with regards to the outstanding civil judgments against Simpson. In a letter dated April 25, LaVergne invited the legal representatives to a meeting to discuss the probate claims against the estate. The topics of discussion include O.J.’s living revocable trust, his last 2 years of federal tax returns, federal tax liens, cash, jewelry, and videos documenting Simpson’s residence. The aim of the meeting is to provide transparency about the probate process to the families, rather than giving priority to the 1997 judgment against Simpson.

LaVergne emphasized that all claims against the estate must be handled in accordance with Nevada probate law. While there are active judgments against the estate from Ron Goldman’s parents, Fred and Sharon Goldman, LaVergne stated that he has not found evidence of an active judgment from Nicole Brown Simpson’s estate. He expressed willingness to consider any proof of an active judgment but clarified that he would not honor a judgment that is no longer valid.

Meeting Date and Potential Outcomes

LaVergne is aiming to schedule the meeting on or before May 10, accommodating the availability of all parties involved. The meeting is significant considering LaVergne’s initial statement that the Goldmans would not receive anything from the estate, which he later retracted, promising to abide by the provisions of Nevada probate law. The estate of O.J. Simpson was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman and Brown families in the late ’90s following a civil trial where Simpson was found liable for their deaths. Interest accumulated over the years has escalated the total amount owed to a figure in the nine figures.

LaVergne was slightly ambiguous about the exact amount the Simpson estate would have to pay. In an interview on “TMZ Live,” he mentioned that O.J. did not possess millions at the time of his death, leaving uncertainty about the final settlement amount. The upcoming meeting holds the potential for contentious discussions given the financial constraints mentioned by LaVergne.

The efforts by Malcolm LaVergne to engage in discussions with the creditors of O.J. Simpson’s estate demonstrate a commitment to transparency and adherence to legal obligations. The meeting scheduled to address probate claims signifies a step towards resolving the outstanding civil judgments against Simpson’s estate. The outcome of the meeting remains uncertain, given the complexities surrounding the financial situation of the estate. It remains to be seen how the parties involved will navigate through the probate process and reach a resolution that aligns with Nevada probate law and the interests of the creditors.


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