Omarosa Criticizes Trump’s Comments on “Black Jobs” and “Hispanic Jobs”

Omarosa Criticizes Trump’s Comments on “Black Jobs” and “Hispanic Jobs”

Omarosa, a former ally of Donald Trump from ‘The Apprentice’, is criticizing the former president for his recent comments on “Black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs”. She finds these remarks to be totally insane and questions what exactly Trump meant by these terms during the debate.

Omarosa does not hold back in calling Trump a racist and points to old reports about his hiring practices at failed casinos as evidence. She believes that Trump may have let some racism slip into his comments by referring to Black jobs in a way that harkens back to the era of slavery.

While acknowledging that African-American and Hispanic voters are not monolithic groups, Omarosa emphasizes the importance of each person voting for the candidate that best suits their individual needs. She urges Trump to clarify his statements or have someone from his campaign provide further explanation.

Omarosa also critiques Trump’s overall performance in the debate, pointing out signs of mental decline and neurological issues. She highlights that while Trump may have won on style points, Biden emerged as the clear winner when it comes to substance.

Omarosa’s Decision for the Election

Lastly, Omarosa reveals who she will be voting for in the upcoming election and explains her reasoning behind her choice. She stresses the importance of considering both style and substance when evaluating the candidates.

Omarosa’s critical analysis of Trump’s comments on “Black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs” sheds light on the racial undertones present in his rhetoric. She challenges Trump to be more transparent in his communication and highlights the need for voters to make informed decisions based on their individual needs and values.


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