President Biden’s Debate Performance Criticized by White House Staff

President Biden’s Debate Performance Criticized by White House Staff

President Biden’s recent debate gaffes have been the talk of the town, especially within the White House. Reports suggest that White House staff have been kept at arm’s length from Biden, with limited access to him, leading to a growing sense of frustration among the ranks.

According to Alex Thompson, a national political correspondent for Axios, there is a clear disconnect happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Many staffers who work closely with Biden are only allowed access to him during certain hours when he is deemed to be at his sharpest – between 10 AM and 4 PM. This limited window of access has left many shocked by Biden’s slip-ups during the recent debate, which took place at 9 PM ET, a time when he is more susceptible to making mental errors.

Rising Panic in the Democratic Party

In the aftermath of Biden’s debate performance, there is a sense of panic within the Democratic party. Those who once brushed off Biden’s previous mistakes are now feeling betrayed and gaslit by the president’s inner circle. The divide, as Alex Thompson puts it, is between Biden’s closest advisors and the rest of the staff, leading to disappointment and anxiety among White House employees about the future of his campaign.

Despite his lackluster debate showing, Biden appeared sharper and more energetic at a rally in North Carolina the following day. Alex Thompson sheds light on Biden’s tightly controlled schedule, which rarely exposes him to situations outside his comfort zone. While some believe Biden has the potential to bounce back, the debate has raised more questions than answers for many of the president’s aides.

President Biden’s debate performance has not only raised eyebrows among the public but has also sparked internal tensions within the White House. The divide between staff members who have limited access to Biden and those in his inner circle is causing concern and uncertainty about the future of his campaign. As the Democratic party grapples with the fallout from the debate, all eyes are on Biden to see if he can regain his footing and address the mounting criticisms.


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