Prince Louis’ Advice to the England Football Team

Prince Louis’ Advice to the England Football Team

On Monday morning, the Prince of Wales, who also serves as the president of the FA, paid a visit to the England men’s football team to wish them luck ahead of the UEFA European Football Championship. During his visit, he shared some important advice from his youngest son Prince Louis, suggesting that the players should “eat twice the amount” during the tournament. This playful advice was meant to inspire the team and bring a light-hearted touch to their preparations.

Travelling to St George’s Park in Burton upon Trent, Prince William met with the squad and engaged in conversations with coach Gareth Southgate. During their interaction, Prince William shared his experience of seeking advice from his children on what to say to the England team. He jokingly mentioned that following Prince Louis’ advice could lead to some interesting consequences on the field, showing his playful side while engaging with the players.

The Prince of Wales presented shirts to each of the 26 players selected for the Euro 2024 team, showing his support for the squad. He took the time to listen to their coach discuss their preparations for the upcoming tournament, indicating his genuine interest in their performance. This display of support from a member of the royal family can serve as a motivational boost for the players as they gear up for the competition.

Prince William’s love for football is well-documented, with the heir to the throne often seen attending matches and engaging with players. His affinity for the sport extends to his family, as he has taken his eldest son Prince George to games to share in the excitement. Prince William’s appreciation for football goes beyond just being a spectator, as he has acknowledged the role the sport has played in forming friendships and creating lasting memories.

During a conversation with footballers Harry Kane and Declan Rice, Prince William reminisced about his own experiences playing football and the friendships he formed through the sport. He emphasized the significance of shared experiences on the football field in fostering strong bonds between individuals. Prince William fondly recalled his childhood days of playing football with a large group of classmates, showcasing the joy and camaraderie that the sport brought into his life.

Prince Louis’ amusing advice to the England football team, coupled with Prince William’s genuine support and passion for the sport, highlights the royal family’s engagement with the world of football. The playful banter and shared memories serve to humanize the royals and create a sense of connection with the players and fans alike. As the England team prepares to compete on the international stage, they can draw inspiration from the lighthearted encouragement and unwavering support offered by the Prince of Wales and his family.


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