Princess Eugenie Supports Elephant Family Charity

Princess Eugenie Supports Elephant Family Charity

Princess Eugenie recently showed her support for the Elephant Family charity, an organization close to Queen Camilla’s heart. The royal, who will turn 34 this Saturday, participated in the launch of the charity’s Little Egg Hunt by reading the classic tale of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by David McKee to schoolchildren in Chelsea. Eugenie, who has been a patron of the charity for many years, highlighted the importance of the organization’s work in protecting Asian elephants from extinction in the wild.

Elephant Family was founded by Queen Camilla’s late brother, Mark Shand, in 2003. Shand, a travel writer and conservationist, tragically passed away in April 2014 at the age of 62. His dedication to wildlife conservation inspired the creation of the charity, which aims to raise awareness about the plight of elephants and the importance of their protection. Princess Eugenie emphasized the significance of the work being done by Elephant Family in bridging the gap between humans and wildlife.

King Charles and Queen Camilla serve as joint Royal Presidents of Elephant Family and actively participate in the organization’s fundraising events. The royal couple hosts an annual ball at Clarence House, where guests are encouraged to wear animal masks to show their support for the charity. Princess Eugenie’s involvement in the charity reflects her shared passion with her uncle King Charles for conservation and the environment.

During a previous exhibition by Elephant Family in London’s Green Park, Princess Eugenie took her eldest son August to view the displays when he was just four months old. This demonstrates the royal family’s commitment to educating and involving the younger generation in conservation efforts. The recent birth of Eugenie’s second son, Ernest, further solidifies her dedication to supporting causes that promote wildlife conservation.

The Little Egg Hunt, featuring egg-shaped sculptures designed by prominent artists like Anya Hindmarch and Philip Colbert, has returned to Chelsea after a ten-year hiatus. This event allows visitors to learn more about the importance of elephant conservation and the ongoing threats to these majestic creatures. The exhibition also aims to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Mark Shand’s passing and raise awareness about the work being done by Elephant Family.

Princess Eugenie’s involvement with the Elephant Family charity showcases her commitment to wildlife conservation and her desire to make a positive impact on the world. By supporting organizations like Elephant Family, the royal family is able to raise awareness about important environmental issues and inspire others to take action in protecting endangered species like the Asian elephant.


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