Princess Victoria of Sweden’s Low-Key Easter Break in Mallorca

Princess Victoria of Sweden’s Low-Key Easter Break in Mallorca

Princess Victoria of Sweden, along with her husband Prince Daniel and their two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, opted for a low-key Easter break in Palma, Mallorca. While King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were enjoying a snowy vacation in Jämtland County, the Crown Princess and her family flew under the radar to a Spanish island for some quality family time.

During their stay in Palma, Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and their children enjoyed lunch at the Mar de Nudos restaurant on Monday. The restaurant, which offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese dishes, overlooks the marina and provides a picturesque setting for a family meal. This relaxed vacation allowed the future queen and her family to unwind and recharge away from the spotlight.

Despite their relaxing break, Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are scheduled to return to their royal duties on Monday, April 8th. They will be attending a diplomatic reception with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, marking the end of their Easter vacation. The royal couple is known for balancing their public responsibilities with their family life, and they often involve their children in important royal events.

Princess Estelle, the eldest child of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, is a future queen of Sweden. She holds the unique position of being the first female in Swedish history to have an undisputed right to inherit the crown, regardless of the birth of a male heir. Princess Estelle and her younger brother, Prince Oscar, have been present at various royal events alongside their parents, showcasing the close bond within the Swedish royal family.

In recent years, there have been significant changes within the Swedish monarchy. King Carl XVI Gustaf made the decision to strip five of his grandchildren of their royal titles, aligning Swedish royalty more closely with the office of the head of state. Princess Madeleine’s children, as well as Prince Carl Philip’s sons, are no longer styled as His/Her Royal Highness, reflecting a shift in the family’s approach to royal titles and responsibilities.

Overall, Princess Victoria and her family’s Easter break in Mallorca provided a glimpse into their private life away from the public eye. Despite their royal status, the Crown Princess and her family value moments of relaxation and togetherness, making them relatable and down-to-earth figures within the Swedish monarchy.


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