Proud Grandmother Tina Knowles Talks About Her Talented Grandchildren

Proud Grandmother Tina Knowles Talks About Her Talented Grandchildren

Tina Knowles, the proud grandmother of superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z, recently opened up about her young grandchildren, Rumi and Sir. With Rumi showcasing her talent as an artist and musician, and Sir proving himself as a numbers guy, it’s clear that creativity runs deep in the family genes.

As the twins approach their seventh birthday, Tina gushes about Rumi’s artistic abilities, describing her as an amazing artist, painter, and creator. Rumi’s musical debut on Beyoncé’s country album, Cowboy Carter, not only highlighted her vocal talents but also earned her a spot in music history by debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 42. This record was previously held by her older sister, Blue Ivy, who displayed her own singing and dancing talents at just seven years old.

In contrast to Rumi’s artistic side, Sir takes after his father, Jay-Z, with his quiet demeanor and interest in numbers. Tina describes Sir as very smart, hinting at the diverse talents that the twins possess. While Rumi leans towards the creative arts, Sir’s focus on numbers showcases the broad range of skills within the family.

Apart from her grandchildren’s talents, Tina also expresses immense pride in Beyoncé’s recent musical achievements. Beyoncé made history as the first Black woman to top the country charts with her album Cowboy Carter, which Tina describes as a “nice history lesson” for fans. Beyoncé’s ability to subtly educate through her music demonstrates her depth as an artist, much to Tina’s admiration.

Beyoncé’s decision to postpone the release of Cowboy Carter in favor of the more upbeat Renaissance was a strategic move that showcased her adaptability and respect for the global climate. Despite initially planning to release Cowboy Carter first, Beyoncé chose to prioritize joy and dance in a time of heaviness. This decision reflects her trust in divine timing and the importance of spreading positivity through her music.

Tina Knowles’ insight into her grandchildren’s talents and Beyoncé’s musical achievements showcases a family dedicated to creativity, education, and adaptability. With Rumi and Sir paving their own paths in the entertainment industry and Beyoncé breaking barriers with her music, it’s clear that talent and innovation run deep in the Carter lineage.


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