Queen Camilla Debuts King Charles’ Family Order at State Banquet for Japanese Royals

Queen Camilla Debuts King Charles’ Family Order at State Banquet for Japanese Royals

Queen Camilla made a significant fashion statement at Tuesday’s State Banquet for the visiting Japanese royals by debuting King Charles’ family order. This tradition dates back to the 1820s during the reign of King George IV, where female members of the royal family would wear a portrait of the monarch. However, what set this particular family order apart was the material used. Traditionally made of ivory, King Charles opted for a more environmentally friendly alternative – polymin, a synthetic translucent treated plastic sheet. The stunning portrait, designed by Elizabeth Meek, features the King dressed in military uniform alongside his medals, surrounded by diamonds weighing 10.41 carats from the Royal Collection. The blue ribbon, designed by Philip Treacy, added a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

HELLO!’s Royal Editor, Emily Nash, emphasized the importance of the state visit, stating that the royal family’s display of hospitality towards the Emperor and Empress of Japan serves as a significant demonstration of soft power. With Japan being a key strategic partner for the UK, the warm welcome extended to the visiting royals is expected to strengthen the relationship between the two nations. The decision to send the Prince of Wales to escort the Emperor and Empress to the parade ground further underscores the significance of their visit as perceived by the UK government.

The upcoming general election on July 4th has led to certain adaptations in the state visit’s schedule. Some aspects, such as the usual Downing Street talks with the Prime Minister, a speech to the Palace of Westminster by the visiting head of state, and meetings with opposition leaders, have been omitted due to the pre-election period’s sensitivity. A Palace spokesman mentioned that this week’s program had been “slightly adapted” in light of the current political climate. Additionally, the absence of senior royals like the Princess of Wales and Princess Anne due to health reasons has further impacted the state visit. While Kate is recovering from cancer, Anne is currently in the hospital after suffering a concussion.

Notably, Queen Camilla’s choice to wear a family order made of polymin instead of ivory reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues. The controversy surrounding ivory, traditionally used for such portraits, stems from its association with the decline in native elephant populations. The illegal trade in ivory often leads to the killing of elephants for their tusks, posing a significant threat to the species’ survival. By opting for a synthetic alternative, King Charles and Queen Camilla have set a new precedent in the royal family’s traditions, showcasing a commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Queen Camilla’s debut of King Charles’ family order at the State Banquet for the Japanese royals marks a significant moment in the royal family’s history. The choice of materials, design details, and the overall symbolism behind the portrait reflect a modern approach to tradition while also addressing important environmental and political considerations. As the royal family continues to evolve and adapt to changing times, this new family order sets a precedent for future generations, highlighting the importance of mindful and responsible decision-making in all aspects of royal life.


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