Queen Mary Attends Thrilling Handball Final in Germany

Queen Mary Attends Thrilling Handball Final in Germany

Queen Mary of Denmark made her first official trip outside Denmark since her husband, King Frederik’s accession. The 52-year-old queen attended the Men’s EHF Euro 2024 final between Denmark and France’s national handball teams at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. It was a nail-biting match that had spectators on the edge of their seats.

Queen Mary looked effortlessly elegant in a stylish burgundy Alexander McQueen suit, paired with a cream blouse and wide-legged black trousers. Her outfit perfectly blended sophistication with comfort, allowing her to enjoy the sporting event in style.

Queen Mary took to Instagram to share her excitement about the match. She posted a photo from her seat just before the second half started and expressed her thoughts on the intense final. Denmark fought valiantly, but it was France who emerged victorious with a score of 33-31. The Danish team’s silver medal was conferred by Queen Mary herself, who described the game as “close and nerve-wracking to watch.”

This solo engagement marked Queen Mary’s first public appearance since King Frederik’s reign began. Despite his well-known love for sports, the 55-year-old king did not accompany his wife to Germany. The Danish royal palace later announced that King Frederik would be leading a Danish business delegation in Poland during the same time as the handball final. It seems that duty called in a different direction for the new king.

Coinciding with this event, King Frederik recently released a memoir titled “The King’s Word,” where he opens up about his marriage to Queen Mary. In the book, the king candidly discusses his complicated relationship with his late father, Prince Henrik. He reflects on how his wife has challenged him and enabled personal growth. King Frederik acknowledges that his wife’s perspective has helped him understand that he is not always right and that his words do not hold automatic authority simply by virtue of being the man of the household.

King Frederik further reveals that he and Queen Mary have reached a “stable point” in their relationship. He expresses his love for his wife, their children, and the happiness that comes from building a strong and enduring foundation together. After nearly 20 years of marriage, the couple stands as a testament to the joys and rewards of long-lasting commitment.

Married in 2004, King Frederik and Queen Mary are proud parents to Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. The Danish royal couple’s dedication to their family and country is evident in their active involvement in various engagements and their commitment to promoting Danish interests both domestically and internationally.

King Frederik ascended the Danish throne after his mother, Queen Margrethe, abdicated at the age of 83. Queen Margrethe’s reign spanned an impressive 52 years, and her decision to step down was met with surprise. King Frederik now carries the responsibility of leadership, guided by the values of family and service instilled in him by his parents.

Queen Mary’s attendance at the thrilling handball final in Germany showcased her elegance and love for sports. Her husband, King Frederik, though absent on this occasion, expressed his admiration for her and their enduring partnership. With their united dedication to family and country, Queen Mary and King Frederik continue to inspire as they write their own chapter in the Danish monarchy’s history.


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