Queen Mary’s Heartwarming Visit to a Children’s Daycare Institution in Greenland

Queen Mary’s Heartwarming Visit to a Children’s Daycare Institution in Greenland

Queen Mary’s recent visit to the Naasut institution in Greenland was a beautiful display of warmth and elegance. The 52-year-old royal exuded grace as she interacted with the children, showcasing her approachability and genuine affection for the young ones. Dressed impeccably in a white pleated blouse and black trousers, Queen Mary looked every inch the royal as she engaged with the kids at the daycare center.

Her visit to the Naasut institution also highlighted her dedication to child welfare and education. The institution collaborates with the Mary Foundation’s anti-bullying program, ‘Free From Bullying,’ underscoring Queen Mary’s commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. Her interaction with the kids, including sitting on the floor with them and listening intently, emphasized her genuine care and concern for their well-being.

Accompanied by her husband, King Frederik, and their children, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, Queen Mary’s visit to Greenland was truly a family affair. The royal family’s presence in Greenland symbolized their connection to the community and their efforts to engage with remote areas. From participating in workshops to honoring Greenland’s cultural heritage, Queen Mary’s visit was a testament to her dedication to the people of Greenland.

Before embarking on their Greenland adventure, the royal family celebrated a significant milestone for their eldest son, Prince Christian. The future king graduated from high school, and Queen Mary and King Frederik couldn’t hide their pride. Queen Mary’s chic and elegant style reflected her role as a proud mother, as she wore a stylish ensemble including a white shirt, floral skirt, and tan strappy heels. Her attention to detail in her outfit mirrored her dedication to her family and her responsibilities as a royal.

Queen Mary’s visit to the Naasut institution in Greenland was a heartwarming display of grace, elegance, and commitment to child welfare. Her interactions with the children, as well as her participation in community events, showcased her genuine affection for the people of Greenland. As a royal dedicated to making a difference, Queen Mary’s visit left a lasting impact on the children and families she met, further solidifying her reputation as a compassionate and caring member of the monarchy.


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