Remembering King Constantine II: A Royal Thanksgiving

Remembering King Constantine II: A Royal Thanksgiving

The British royal family gathered in Windsor to attend a thanksgiving service for the late King Constantine II. Queen Camilla took the lead in the absence of her husband, King Charles, who was unable to attend due to ongoing cancer treatment. Constantine’s close relationship with the British royals was evident as they came together to celebrate his life at St George’s Chapel.

A Gathering of European Royalty

Constantine’s funeral, which took place at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens, was attended by a host of European royals. Princess Anne and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence represented King Charles and Queen Camilla, while Lady Gabriella Windsor stood in for Prince William, whom Constantine had the honor of being a godfather to. The funeral saw the presence of dignitaries such as King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, King Felipe of Spain’s sister Infanta Cristina, and many others from European royal families.

King Constantine II ascended to the Greek throne in 1964 but ruled for only a decade before the monarchy was abolished by a military junta. Despite reigning for a short period, Constantine’s legacy as the last king of Greece is significant. He lived in exile for many years in London before returning to Greece in 2013, where he spent his final years.

Constantine’s passing marked the end of an era for the Greek monarchy. His contributions to his country and the relationships he built with the British royal family were remembered with reverence at the memorial service in Windsor and the funeral in Athens. The gathering of European royalty to pay their respects was a testament to the impact Constantine had on the international royal community.

The memorial service for King Constantine II served as a poignant reminder of the ties that bind royal families across borders. As the British royals and their European counterparts came together to honor his memory, it was a moment of reflection on the history and legacy of a king who left a lasting impact on Greece and beyond.


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