Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Attend Taylor Swift Concert with Their Kids

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Attend Taylor Swift Concert with Their Kids

It seems that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have officially joined the ranks of Taylor Swift fans, known as Swifties. The celebrity couple recently attended Taylor Swift’s concert in Madrid as part of her Eras Tour phenomenon. The couple, who have daughters James, Inez, Betty, and a fourth child whose name has not been revealed, were captured by fans at the VIP section of Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid.

During a recent appearance on the Today Show’s 4th Hour with Hoda and Jenna, Ryan Reynolds expressed his excitement over finally being able to see Taylor Swift perform live on stage. He mentioned that his wife and kids had already been to several of Taylor’s concerts before and loved them. However, due to his busy work schedule, this was the first concert he was able to attend.

There has been speculation about the name of Ryan and Blake’s fourth child, with fans wondering if the name might be included in one of Taylor Swift’s songs. Names of their daughters Inez and Betty were revealed in Taylor’s song “Betty” from her 2020 album folklore. However, Ryan joked about waiting for Taylor to reveal the name and playfully teased that they were still waiting for her to do so.

Videos shared on social media showed a heartwarming moment between Blake Lively and one of her daughters during the concert. The little girl, presumably one of their daughters, excitedly called over her mom, who then affectionately leaned in close to her. It was evident that the family was enjoying their time together at Taylor Swift’s concert.

During his appearance on the Today Show, Ryan Reynolds displayed his trademark sense of humor when asked about the name of his fourth child. He joked about Taylor Swift being a prolific writer and teased that they were still waiting for her to reveal the name. Ryan’s witty responses added a lighthearted touch to the conversation.

Overall, it was a memorable experience for Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and their children to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Madrid. The family outing showcased their love for music and quality time spent together. Despite their busy schedules, they made time to create special moments with their kids at the concert.


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