Sam Heughan Jokes About Stealing Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce

Sam Heughan Jokes About Stealing Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan made headlines when he joked about his plans to steal Taylor Swift from Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce at her Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland. In a clip posted to Instagram, Heughan, dressed as his “Outlander” character Jamie Fraser, expressed his excitement about attending the concert. He playfully stated that Swift would forget all about Kelce when she sees him in the audience, sporting a ginger wig.

Heughan humorously mentioned that Swift, upon seeing him, would be irresistibly drawn to him and would choose him over Kelce. The actor’s confident claim was accompanied by a caption welcoming Taylor to Scotland. He joked that JAMMF (Jamie Fraser) is a Swiftie, playfully flirting with the idea of stealing Swift’s heart.

While Heughan’s playful banter might be entertaining, the reality is that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been romantically involved since last summer. They first connected when Kelce attended one of Swift’s concert stops in Kansas City and attempted to give her a friendship bracelet. Despite Kelce’s initial disappointment at not being able to hand her the bracelet in person, Swift decided to take a chance on him after he mentioned her on his podcast.

Swift and Kelce kept their relationship private for a few months before making it public in September 2023. The couple has been going strong, and there are even rumors that they are planning to get engaged this summer. While Heughan’s joke about stealing Swift from Kelce is all in good fun, it seems unlikely that he will be able to come between the established couple.

The playful banter between Sam Heughan and Travis Kelce over Taylor Swift adds a humorous touch to the celebrity gossip scene. While Heughan may have his sights set on stealing Swift’s heart, it is clear that Swift and Kelce’s relationship is solid. As fans eagerly await the next chapter in this celebrity love triangle, one thing is certain – Taylor Swift’s music continues to capture the hearts of many.


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