Scarlett Johansson Makes an Epic Cameo in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Scarlett Johansson Makes an Epic Cameo in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

In a recent ‘SNL’ cold open, Sen. Katie Britt was roasted for her State of the Union response. The skit went viral after the junior Alabama Senator delivered her GOP response to President Biden’s SOTU address from her kitchen. Many found her performance oddly performative, which led to Scarlett Johansson making a cameo in the skit, taking it over the top.

Scarlett Johansson nailed the hilarious send-up of Sen. Britt’s speech by presenting an original monologue titled ‘This country is hell.’ In her parody, she humorously portrayed herself as not just a senator, but also a wife, a mother, and ‘the craziest b***h in the Target parking lot.’ She perfectly mimicked Sen. Britt’s facial expressions, hand movements, and even took a dig at some questionable fact-checking in the speech.

Fact-Checking the Speech

During her SOTU response, Sen. Britt shared a story about a woman in Texas who was sex trafficked by cartels, blaming President Biden’s border policies. However, the Washington Post reported that the woman’s experiences actually took place in Mexico during President George W. Bush’s administration. Scarlett’s skit highlighted this discrepancy by humorously mentioning the real details that were altered in the speech.

One of the highlights of the skit was Scarlett imitating the QVC host tone of Sen. Britt’s speech, randomly promoting the diamond cross necklace she was wearing. She joked about how versatile the necklace was, saying, ‘Goes with anything, and you can wear it from da’ church to da’ club.’ The comedic critique of Sen. Britt’s performance added an extra layer of humor to the parody.

Colin Jost Connection

Scarlett Johansson is married to ‘SNL’ cast member Colin Jost, leading some to speculate about nepotism in her cameo. However, the hilarious portrayal and the positive reception from the audience suggest that the connection did not take away from the skit’s success. The comedic timing and the spot-on mimicry of Sen. Britt’s speech were the main highlights of Scarlett’s cameo.

Scarlett Johansson’s unexpected cameo in the ‘SNL’ cold open added a new layer of humor to the already viral skit roasting Sen. Katie Britt. Her comedic portrayal of Sen. Britt’s speech quirks and fact-checking errors made the parody memorable and entertaining for viewers. The playful jabs at the politician’s performance showcased Scarlett’s comedic talent and improvisation skills on live television.


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