Shakira’s New Romance with Lucien Laviscount

Shakira’s New Romance with Lucien Laviscount

While Shakira’s rumored new beau, Lucien Laviscount, has not officially confirmed their romance, he has been vocal about his admiration for the singer. The speculations about their relationship began after they met on the set of Shakira and Cardi B’s music video, “Puntería.” This comes after Shakira’s split from longtime partner Gerard Piqué following allegations of infidelity.

Lucien Laviscount’s Praise for Shakira

In an interview with Us Weekly, Lucien, 31, expressed his admiration for Shakira, 47, calling her one of the most incredible artists he has ever encountered. He commended her dedication to her craft, her fans, and her zest for life. Describing her as one of the most beautiful and hard-working individuals he has ever met, Lucien’s words reflect his deep admiration for the singer.

Laviscount’s Experience Filming the “Puntería” Music Video

Despite his busy schedule filming “Emily in Paris,” Lucien managed to make time for his role in the “Puntería” music video. He recalled the excitement of receiving the call about the opportunity and shared his love for the vibrant energy of Miami, where the video was shot. Lucien’s eagerness to explore the city and immerse himself in its culture underscore his adventurous spirit.

Shakira’s transition to single motherhood has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. In recent interviews, she has been candid about the difficulties of balancing her career with raising her sons, Milan and Sasha. The singer admitted to facing complex life experiences but emphasized that she did what she felt was necessary for herself and her children.

Shakira’s hectic schedule often leaves her with little sleep, as she strives to spend quality time with her kids before collapsing into bed. Despite the demanding nature of her new family dynamic, Shakira remains positive, describing her sons as “great” and highlighting the joys of motherhood. The singer’s resilience and dedication to her children serve as a testament to her strength and unwavering love for her family.

Shakira’s rumored romance with Lucien Laviscount has sparked intrigue among fans, with many eager to see where their relationship will lead. As the singer navigates the challenges of single motherhood and continues to thrive in her career, her unwavering commitment to her family and her craft shines through. With Lucien’s admiration for Shakira’s talents and character, the pair’s dynamic promises to be a source of inspiration and joy for both the individuals involved and their supporters.


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