Sharon Stone’s Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Eldest Son Roan

Sharon Stone’s Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Eldest Son Roan

Sharon Stone recently took to Instagram to share a touching tribute to her eldest adopted son, Roan, on his 24th birthday. With nearly 4 million followers, the Oscar-nominated actress uploaded a series of her favorite photos of Roan over the years, including a rare throwback snap featuring Roan with his younger siblings, Laird and Quinn.
In the nostalgic slideshow, Sharon captioned the photos with a simple yet heartfelt message: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROAN! LOVE MOM.” The photos showcased the bond between the siblings, capturing their special moments throughout the years.

Roan was adopted by Sharon and her then-husband, Phil Bronstein. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2004 when Roan was just four years old. A California judge granted joint custody of Roan to the exes, with the agreement stating that Roan would primarily live with Bronstein in San Francisco during the school year. Despite the physical distance, Sharon and Roan maintained a close relationship throughout his childhood.
Sharon later challenged the custody arrangement in 2008, seeking to move Roan to Los Angeles with her. However, her request was denied, leading to emotional struggles for Sharon as she navigated through the custody battle.

Following the divorce, Sharon expanded her family by adopting two more sons, Laird and Quinn. Alongside the joys of adoption, Sharon has been open about the tragedies she has faced in her life, including multiple miscarriages due to an autoimmune disease and endometriosis. She has spoken out about the need for more open discussions about the emotional toll of miscarriages, shedding light on the challenges faced by many women.

Despite these challenges, Sharon has always been a devoted mother, instilling valuable life lessons in her children. Roan shared one of his favorite pieces of advice from his mother during a speech: “Treat others the way you would want to be treated and put your best foot forward.” This message reflects the values that Sharon has instilled in her children, guiding them to lead with empathy and integrity.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Roan has pursued a career in acting, showcasing the same passion and dedication that Sharon has demonstrated throughout her career. By honoring his mother’s legacy and pursuing his dreams, Roan continues to make his family proud.
Sharon’s touching tribute to Roan serves as a reminder of the bond between a mother and her children, showcasing the love and support that transcends any challenges they may face. Through her vulnerability and strength, Sharon has inspired her children to navigate through life with grace and resilience. Cheers to Roan on his 24th birthday, surrounded by the love of his family.


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