Shaun Weiss Addresses Concerns Over Recent Video

Shaun Weiss Addresses Concerns Over Recent Video

Recently, “Mighty Ducks” star Shaun Weiss found himself at the center of speculation and concern among fans after posting a video on Instagram. Despite celebrating 4 years of sobriety, some fans expressed worries that Shaun may have relapsed on drugs due to his physical appearance in the video.

In the video, Shaun appears thin and has a red substance smudged between his eyes, leading to assumptions that he may have busted his head open. However, Shaun clarified in the caption that the substance was actually “consecrated ash from Sadhguru,” a detail that some fans seemed to overlook.

Shaun addressed these concerns in a statement to TMZ, affirming that he is still 100% clean and has not relapsed. He emphasized that he is doing well and has never been better, assuring fans that if he ever needs help, he will reach out to others. Shaun also explained that the red substance on his forehead was related to his spiritual practice, meant to “activate his third eye.”

Shaun revealed that he has been delving into the inner engineering teachings of Sadhguru, a renowned Yogi. He described this new practice as a “game changer” that has significantly improved his overall balance and levels of joy.

Following Up

After the initial video sparked concerns among fans, Shaun promptly uploaded a follow-up video where he wiped off the red substance from his face. In this video, he reassured his followers that he was fine and there was no need for worry. Shaun made it clear that he is okay and encouraged fans not to be concerned about his well-being.

While the initial video may have caused some confusion and raised alarm among fans, Shaun Weiss’s response and clarification regarding his sobriety and spiritual practices should serve to shed light on the situation. It is essential to remember that appearances can be deceiving, and assumptions should not be made without proper context and understanding. Shaun’s commitment to his well-being and openness about his journey should be commended, and fans can rest assured that he is taking care of himself both physically and spiritually.


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