Stacey Solomon’s Surprise Kitchen Makeover: A Bold Move

Stacey Solomon’s Surprise Kitchen Makeover: A Bold Move

Stacey Solomon, the well-known TV personality, recently unveiled her latest home renovation project on Instagram, surprising her fans with a bold choice. The host of Stacey Solomon’s Renovation Rescue showcased her freshly updated kitchen, painted entirely in black. Known for her love of DIY and stylish home interiors, Stacey’s decision to go for a dark, unconventional color like black raised many eyebrows among her followers.

In her Instagram post, Stacey expressed her thoughts on the transformation, admitting that she was initially hesitant about the drastic change. However, she was pleasantly surprised by the outcome, describing the black kitchen as cozier and prettier than she expected. Despite her apprehensions, Stacey found that the new color scheme made the space feel homely and bright, deviating from the traditional neutral tones that dominated her home previously.

Stacey resides in ‘Pickle Cottage’, a charming countryside retreat in Essex, with her husband Joe Swash, an EastEnders star, and their five children, as well as Joe’s son from a previous relationship. The couple purchased the property in 2021, complete with 2.5 acres of land and a swimming pool. Their idyllic home is a haven for their family and pets, including two beloved dogs.

While Stacey’s kitchen makeover stole the spotlight, other areas of ‘Pickle Cottage’ showcase her impeccable taste in interior design. From the serene beige and cream bedroom to the vintage-style trunk as a decorative piece, each room exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Stacey’s attention to detail is evident in the carefully curated spaces, such as the bathroom with a freestanding rolltop bath overlooking the garden.

Despite the predominantly neutral color palette in their home, Joe Swash has his own ‘Daddy Den’, a vibrant games room painted in blue. This personal retreat reflects Joe’s style and personality, providing a unique space within their harmonious abode. Each family member, including Rex with his panda-themed bedroom, has a personalized touch in the household, adding character and individuality to the overall decor.

Stacey’s creative flair extends beyond her kitchen renovation, evident in her ‘blue loo’ project in the downstairs bathroom. By adding a pop of color and floral details, she transformed a functional space into a unique and visually appealing area. Stacey’s hands-on approach to home improvement highlights her passion for design and her willingness to take risks, as seen in her decision to paint the kitchen black.

Stacey Solomon’s surprise kitchen makeover serves as a testament to her fearless approach to design and her ability to transform spaces with confidence. By embracing bold choices and personal touches, she has created a home that reflects her unique style and creativity. As a source of inspiration for home interiors and DIY enthusiasts, Stacey continues to surprise and delight her audience with her innovative projects and thoughtful design aesthetic.


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