Taylor Swift Playfully Claims Travis Kelce as Her Own During Sydney Concert

Taylor Swift Playfully Claims Travis Kelce as Her Own During Sydney Concert

During her recent Eras Tour show in Sydney, Australia, Taylor Swift made a not-so-subtle gesture towards Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs player. While singing her 2020 song “Willow,” Swift pointed at Kelce and sang the lyrics, “That’s my man.” This playful declaration of ownership caught the attention of Swifties in the crowd and online, who cheered with delight at the singer’s bold move.

In addition to claiming Kelce as her own, Swift also paid tribute to his recent 2024 Super Bowl victory during her performance. Singing her 2010 song “Long Live,” she pointed in Kelce’s direction while singing the words, “When they gave us our trophies.” This gesture highlighted the bond between the couple and added a personal touch to the performance for fans to enjoy.

Kelce, who attended night one of Swift’s Sydney concert series, was spotted decked out in Eras Tour friendship bracelets on both wrists. Watching the show from a VIP tent, he was seen enthusiastically high-fiving fans and showing his support for his girlfriend. Prior to the concert, Kelce and Swift enjoyed a cozy date at the Sydney Zoo, where they held hands and admired the adorable koalas.

This is not the first time Swift has publicly acknowledged her relationship with Kelce. During a previous performance, she changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to reference the Chiefs, showing her support for Kelce and his team. The couple has been known to support each other at various events, with Swift even flying from Tokyo to watch Kelce win the Super Bowl in February.

Kelce and Swift’s relationship began in 2023 and was kept private until they went public in September of that year. Sources have even hinted at a potential proposal from Kelce to Swift this summer, further solidifying their bond in the public eye. Despite their busy schedules, the couple has made time to support each other in their respective careers, showcasing their commitment to each other.

Overall, Taylor Swift’s playful gesture towards Travis Kelce during her Sydney concert not only highlighted their relationship but also showcased her sense of humor and love for her partner. As their relationship continues to flourish, fans can look forward to more public displays of affection and support from this power couple.


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