The Aftermath of Aoki Lee Simmons’ Breakup with Vittorio Assaf: What Really Happened

The Aftermath of Aoki Lee Simmons’ Breakup with Vittorio Assaf: What Really Happened

Aoki Lee Simmons recently took to her Instagram Story to share her emotions after parting ways with Vittorio Assaf. In a candid message, the 21-year-old model expressed, “I’m depresso espresso,” indicating that she is feeling down. This revelation comes shortly after their breakup was made public, following a romantic getaway to St. Barts.

Despite reports claiming that Aoki and Assaf have ended their relationship, there seems to be conflicting evidence. While an insider close to Simmons stated that they are “absolutely not dating,” photos obtained by Page Six suggest otherwise. The pair was spotted engaging in PDA on the beach during their vacation, including a passionate kiss in the ocean.

Aoki Lee Simmons’ parents, Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons, have also weighed in on the situation. Russell shared a cryptic message on Instagram, expressing his constant love and support for his daughter. When questioned by paparazzi, he reiterated his stance of offering advice and unconditional love. On the other hand, Kimora posted a vague message hinting at frustration, indicating potential disapproval of the relationship.

According to sources, Vittorio Assaf has a history of being attracted to younger, beautiful women, a pattern that seems to align with his relationship with Aoki. Despite his age, Assaf’s taste in companionship remains consistent, as indicated by an insider. This insight sheds light on the dynamics of his past and current relationships.

While tabloids may paint a picture of Aoki Lee Simmons’ breakup with Vittorio Assaf, it is essential to look beyond the headlines. The complex nature of relationships, familial dynamics, and personal emotions all play a role in understanding the aftermath of a publicized split. As individuals navigate the ups and downs of love, it is crucial to recognize the human side of these stories, beyond mere speculation and sensationalism.


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