The Alleged Car Wreck Involving Kelly Oubre: A Potential Lawsuit in the Making?

The Alleged Car Wreck Involving Kelly Oubre: A Potential Lawsuit in the Making?

A 21-year-old college student, Siddh, claims that NBA star Kelly Oubre hit his car in a late-night car wreck earlier this year. According to Siddh, the incident occurred at around 1:45 AM on April 23 in Philadelphia when Oubre ran a red light and collided with Siddh’s 2023 Hyundai Elantra with his purple Lamborghini Urus. Siddh alleges that Oubre was driving at such a high rate of speed that it caused injuries to him and one of his passengers.

The Aftermath

Siddh states that his insurance company deemed his vehicle a total loss and that he now experiences anxiety whenever he drives through an intersection due to the accident. He claims that he and his attorneys have tried to reach a settlement with Oubre and the Sixers but have been unsuccessful in their attempts. As a result, Siddh is considering taking legal action against Oubre if he does not receive compensation for the damages caused.

Oubre’s Response

In the days following the accident, Oubre admitted that he “probably” should hire a personal driver to avoid similar incidents in the future. However, both Oubre and the Sixers have not provided any further comments regarding the matter. Oubre, who recently signed a new $16.3 million contract with the 76ers, has been averaging 13.1 points per game throughout his career and joined the team in 2023.

The alleged car wreck involving Kelly Oubre and Siddh raises questions about responsibility, accountability, and the potential legal implications for the parties involved. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether a settlement will be reached or if legal action will be pursued to address the damages and injuries resulting from the accident.


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