The Arena Football League Eyeing Johnny Manziel for Comeback

The Arena Football League Eyeing Johnny Manziel for Comeback

The Arena Football League is making a comeback in 2024 under new leadership. With 16 teams set to compete in a 10-game season, there are exciting times ahead for the league. The new AFL commissioner, Lee Hutton III, is the first black pro league commish in United States history, bringing a fresh perspective to the sport.

One of the big names being eyed by the AFL is Johnny Manziel. The former NFL quarterback was known for his electrifying play on the field, winning the Heisman in 2012 and being drafted in the first round two years later. After a tumultuous career that saw him bouncing around different leagues, Manziel eventually stepped away from the sport. However, with the new opportunity in the AFL, there is a chance for a comeback.

Even if Manziel doesn’t join the AFL, Commissioner Hutton is optimistic about the future of the league. With plans to satisfy fans’ hunger for football throughout the year, the AFL is poised for success. Hutton has been seeking advice from former owners, coaches, and commissioners, indicating a collaborative approach to building the league.

In addition to Manziel, the AFL is looking for talented players to fill its rosters. Former NFL players have already expressed interest in joining the league, showcasing the potential for a high level of competition. With a focus on providing an exciting and entertaining product for fans, the AFL is gearing up for a resurgence in the world of football.

Overall, the Arena Football League’s relaunch in 2024 represents a fresh start for the sport and an opportunity for players like Johnny Manziel to potentially revive their careers. With a new commissioner at the helm and a renewed sense of enthusiasm, the AFL is looking towards a bright future filled with exciting games and talented athletes.


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