The Battle Between John Paulson and Jenny Paulson: Divorce Drama Unfolds

The Battle Between John Paulson and Jenny Paulson: Divorce Drama Unfolds

The saga of John Paulson’s messy divorce from his wife, Jenny, has taken an even more dramatic turn. Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson is determined to reduce paying out his estranged wife, Jenny, and is using Page Six’s story of his girlfriend Alina de Almeida’s DUI arrest as the means of doing so. Court documents filed in a New Jersey Court exclusively obtained by Page Six show that Paulson and his attorneys are attempting to subpoena a private investigator he believes Jenny hired to gain information on de Almeida. This move is seen as an attempt to undermine Jenny and potentially influence the equitable distribution of assets in their bitter divorce battle.

In the court documents, John Paulson’s attorneys argue that if Jenny was responsible for leaking the police report and generating negative publicity about the financier, it would impact how assets are divided in the divorce. The letter from his attorneys suggests that this revelation would forego any idea of an equal payout and instead prompt further proceedings to determine the effect of Jenny’s conduct. On the other hand, the PI’s attorney counters that there is no concrete evidence connecting Mrs. Paulson to the open records request submitted by Apple Consulting, the PI group in question. Moreover, the PI himself confirmed in a letter submitted to the court that Jenny did not retain his services directly or indirectly.

Despite the legal back and forth, a spokesperson for John Paulson claims that there is a vicious campaign to malign de Almeida and John. They allege that Jenny Paulson’s lawyers are working with the private investigator to suppress information about the source of the leaked information. Additionally, a source close to the case points out that John Paulson’s efforts to undermine Jenny and her legal team are abnormal. The insider highlights the unusual circumstances of attacking counsel and the other party without any concrete basis, ultimately leading to publicizing de Almeida’s arrest and conviction.

In January, Page Six first reported that Alina de Almeida was arrested in Butler, N.J., in March 2018 for driving under the influence after crashing into a yard. Her blood alcohol content was recorded at 0.16, double the legal limit. De Almeida pleaded guilty, had her license suspended, and attended alcohol school as part of her legal process. John Paulson, who famously amassed wealth by betting against the housing market, met de Almeida in 2021 and moved her into his Fifth Avenue apartment by September of the same year. This revelation came just days before he filed for divorce from Jenny, his wife of 21 years, sparking a media frenzy.

The High-Stakes Divorce Battle

John Paulson and Jenny Paulson’s divorce saga is marked by the absence of a prenuptial agreement, putting their immense wealth, real estate portfolio, and foundation at stake. Despite attempts to settle outside of court, mediation stalled, leading John to re-file for divorce, which is still ongoing. The high-profile nature of the divorce, combined with the involvement of private investigators and accusations of misconduct, has turned this legal battle into a public spectacle.

The ongoing divorce drama between John Paulson and Jenny Paulson highlights the complexities and challenges of high-net-worth separations. As the battle for assets and reputation plays out in court filings and media reports, the personal lives of these prominent figures are laid bare for all to see. Only time will tell how this high-stakes divorce will ultimately be resolved and what impact it will have on the parties involved.


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