The Bittersweet Day of King Charles

The Bittersweet Day of King Charles

Tuesday was a day of mixed emotions for King Charles as he celebrated his 19th wedding anniversary with his wife Queen Camilla. However, it was also a day tinged with sadness as it marked the three-year anniversary of his father, Prince Philip’s passing. The late Duke of Edinburgh was just two months shy of his 100th birthday when he passed away in April 2021 during the UK’s national lockdown. To add to the poignancy of the day, it was also the 22nd anniversary of the funeral of Charles’ grandmother, the Queen Mother, with whom he shared a close bond.

Despite his at times fractured relationship with his parents, King Charles had a deep connection with his grandmother, the Queen Mother. He has openly spoken about how he models his own grandparenting style on hers, emphasizing the importance of creating bonds with grandchildren from a young age. Charles has acknowledged the influence of his grandmother in shaping his approach to grandparenting, stating, “It is very important to create a bond when they are very young.”

On the occasion of his wedding anniversary, King Charles carried out a small-scale engagement at Buckingham Palace, where he was presented with the first banknotes bearing his portrait. This milestone moment was significant for the monarch, who is currently undergoing treatment for an undisclosed cancer. It marked a historic occasion as Charles became only the second British monarch to grace the Bank of England’s notes, replacing his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on the currency.

The new banknotes featuring King Charles will be issued from 5 June, while the notes with his mother’s image will remain in circulation. The decision to print new Charles notes only to replace worn-out ones and meet an increase in demand was made to minimize the environmental and financial impact. During the meeting with Andrew Bailey, the Governor of the Bank of England, King Charles expressed his apologies for the delay in their initial meeting, citing health issues that had led to a scaling back of his public appearances and engagements.

As King Charles navigates the challenges of his reign and continues his treatment, the symbolic gesture of having his portrait on the nation’s banknotes marks a significant moment in his reign. While he remembers and honors the legacy of his late father and grandmother, Charles forges ahead, embracing his role as monarch with a sense of duty and responsibility. The mix of emotions on this bittersweet day serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of royal life.


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