The Black Dog Owner Hints Joe Alwyn is a Regular After Taylor Swift Released Song About Ex

The Black Dog Owner Hints Joe Alwyn is a Regular After Taylor Swift Released Song About Ex

Following the release of Taylor Swift’s song “Lover,” which mentioned “The Black Dog” pub as the 17th track on her album, the owner, Lily Bottomley, hinted that Joe Alwyn is a regular at the London pub. The increased foot traffic at the pub has been a welcome change, as fans of Swift flocked to the establishment after the song’s release.

Bottomley mentioned that the pub has embraced the popularity brought on by Swift’s song by offering Swift-themed cocktails and food options. The atmosphere at the pub has been lively, with the album playing on repeat and fans engaging in singalongs. The attention from Swift’s fans has been overwhelming but exciting for the pub owner.

In the breakup song, Swift sings about an unnamed ex who frequents The Black Dog pub and forgets to turn off his phone location. The lyrics portray a sense of heartbreak and betrayal, hinting at the end of the relationship between Swift and Alwyn. It seems that Swift used her music as a medium to express her emotions and experiences from the past.

Apart from the song “Lover,” Swift’s album contains other tracks that seemingly reference her past relationships. The songs “So Long, London,” “LomI,” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” allude to experiences with her exes, including Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy. Swift’s ability to weave personal experiences into her music resonates with her fans and adds depth to her songwriting.

Overall, the connection between Taylor Swift’s music and real-life experiences is evident in her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” The impact of her songs extends beyond just the lyrics, as they have the power to draw attention to specific places and evoke emotions in her listeners. The story of The Black Dog and its association with Swift’s song serves as a reminder of the influence that music and art can have on people’s lives.


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