The Boston Celtics: Champions on the Rise

The Boston Celtics: Champions on the Rise

The Boston Celtics have secured their league-leading 18th NBA championship, solidifying their spot as one of the greatest franchises in basketball history. Former Celtics player and current team broadcaster, Cedric Maxwell, wasted no time in reminding everyone that the best resides in Boston, not L.A. Maxwell, a 2x NBA champ and Finals MVP in 1981, made his sentiments clear on the TMZ Sports TV show, emphasizing the Celtics’ superiority over their rival, the Los Angeles Lakers.

During his appearance, Maxwell didn’t hold back, calling out Lakers legends like James Worthy, Magic Johnson, and Michael Cooper before mocking them with Steph Curry’s signature “Good Night” pose. He humorously pointed out the Lakers’ mid-season tournament banner hanging awkwardly above Arena, highlighting the true dominance of the Celtics with their 18 championships.

Despite the naysayers suggesting that the Celtics had an easy road to the Finals, Maxwell defended the team’s journey, emphasizing the need to face and conquer all opponents in their path. He praised the Celtics for taking down top teams from the East and the West, proving their mettle on the hardwood en route to their championship victory.

Maxwell also gave credit to the Celtics’ young head coach, Joe Mazzulla, who took the reins after a tumultuous season that saw the firing of Ime Udoka. At just 35 years old, Mazzulla became one of the youngest coaches ever to win an NBA championship, setting the stage for a promising coaching career. Maxwell recounted Mazzulla’s determination and belief in his ability to lead a championship-winning team, showing his confidence in the coach’s future success.

As the Celtics bask in the glory of their championship win, Maxwell plans to savor every moment of the celebration. With the rivalry with the Lakers intensifying, Celtics fans can revel in the victory while knowing that their team stands at the top of the basketball world. With Maxwell leading the charge, the Celtics are ready to dominate the NBA landscape and continue their pursuit of basketball greatness.


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