The Challenges of Finding a Suitable Sober Coach for Dominic Fike during the Filming of Euphoria Season 2

The Challenges of Finding a Suitable Sober Coach for Dominic Fike during the Filming of Euphoria Season 2

Dominic Fike, known for his role as the addict Elliot in the hit TV series “Euphoria,” recently opened up about the difficulties he faced during the filming of Season 2. In an interview with Variety, Fike revealed that show creator Sam Levinson hired a “random lady” to serve as his sober coach. However, Fike expressed his dissatisfaction with the arrangement, stating that he could not relate to the coach and found it challenging to receive advice or guidance from someone with whom he shared no common ground.

According to Fike, the assigned sober coach had no shared experiences or similar struggles to his own. Their disparate backgrounds and dissimilar problems hindered the establishment of a meaningful connection between them. Consequently, Fike struggled to accept the advice and support offered, ultimately making it difficult for him to embrace the role they were tasked with fulfilling. The requirement for a sober coach was intended to aid Fike in maintaining sobriety while filming, but it proved ineffective due to the lack of relatability.

Fike, who recently premiered his new film, “Little Death,” at the Sundance Film Festival, found it comparatively easier to portray an addict in this new role. He attributed this to the close friendship he shares with the film’s director, Jack Bergert. The deep bond between Fike and Bergert allowed for a more comfortable and authentic portrayal of addiction on screen, highlighting the significance of trust and familiarity in an actor’s performance.

As for Fike’s future involvement in “Euphoria,” the actor remains uncertain about his return for Season 3. He disclosed to Variety that he has had limited communication with the show’s creators and is unsure of the direction they plan to take. While Fike acknowledged that it would be exciting to receive a call for the forthcoming season, he emphasized that he currently has other commitments and projects that demand his attention.

During the Sundance Film Festival, Fike paid tribute to his late co-star Angus Cloud, who played an integral role in “Euphoria” before his untimely passing. Cloud was honored at the event for his performance in “Freaky Tales.” The loss of Cloud deeply affected Fike, who expressed his longing for his late colleague and acknowledged Cloud’s exceptional talent.

Cloud was tragically found dead in his family home in Oakland, California, in July 2023. An autopsy confirmed that his passing resulted from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other substances. The solemn remembrance of this talented actor serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating consequences of substance abuse.

Dominic Fike’s candid reflection on the challenges he encountered with his sober coach during the filming of “Euphoria” sheds light on the complexity of finding the right support system. While attempts were made to provide Fike with guidance, the lack of relatability hindered the effectiveness of the arrangement. This underscores the importance of establishing a strong connection between individuals facing similar struggles in order to facilitate a more successful sobriety journey.


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