The Cheeky Prince Louis: A Breath of Fresh Air

The Cheeky Prince Louis: A Breath of Fresh Air

Prince Louis, the youngest child of the Princess of Wales, is known for his mischievous antics that can make his mother “lose her cool.” According to celebrity astrologer Debbie Frank, Louis has a determined Mars in Capricorn which creates a fractious relationship with his mother’s self-disciplined Sun in the same sign. This dynamic makes Louis the one person who can push his mother’s buttons, proving to be a challenge for the Princess.

Louis, who is loved by royal watchers and the public alike, is described as a “breath of fresh air” by Debbie Frank. His engaging, playful, and cheeky personality provides light relief from the conventional royal standards, making him a crowd pleaser. With Venus in Taurus, Cancer rising, and the Moon in Leo, Louis’s affectionate and loving nature magnetizes attention and earns him forgiveness for his antics, despite breaking the royal mold.

As the fourth in line to the throne, Prince Louis is noted for being disinclined to follow the norms and likes to stir things up. According to Debbie Frank, Louis’s birth chart doesn’t align with the typical Taurus qualities, as Uranus, the wild child planet, overshadows his Sun sign. This inclination to break away from tradition and add mischief and disruption to the royal mix showcases Louis as a personality born to be his own person.

As Prince Louis turns six, Kensington Palace has yet to reveal whether a new photo will be released to mark his special day. Amidst the celebrations, Princess Kate is keeping a low profile as she undergoes preventative cancer treatment. The young royal, with his vibrant personality and ability to captivate hearts, continues to be a source of joy and entertainment within the royal family and beyond.


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