The Controversial Style Choices of Bethenny Frankel

The Controversial Style Choices of Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, known for her role in “Real Housewives of New York City,” recently made waves on Instagram by flaunting her love for denim. In a series of photos, Frankel showed off her Rivet Utility Boyfriend Denim Utility Jumpsuit worth $425, paired with denim pumps and a Chanel purse worth a staggering $10,495 $8,395. To top off her look, she accessorized with a gold bracelet and oversized shades. Interestingly, her twin dogs, Biggy and Smallz, also joined in on the denim trend by wearing sleeveless denim vests. The personalized touch of embroidered designs on their outfits added an extra level of cuteness to the ensemble.

In another post, Bethenny Frankel shared a picture with her 13-year-old daughter, Bryn Hoppy, who was also dressed in denim. The mother-daughter duo rocked their denim outfits, with Bryn opting for a lighter wash paired with a white sweater. This family affair showcased Frankel’s love for denim and her ability to incorporate it into her everyday style.

However, not all is glamorous in Bethenny Frankel’s world. In a recent episode of her podcast “Just B Divorced,” she opened up about her troubled marriage to Bryn’s father, Jason Hoppy. Frankel revealed that she used to force herself to be intimate with her ex, even though she did not want to. She described the experience as torture and mentioned that Hoppy would criticize her for being cold and unresponsive. Reflecting on their relationship, Frankel admitted to ignoring red flags and rushing into marriage without fully addressing the issues at hand.

Despite facing criticism for her fashion choices, Bethenny Frankel remains unapologetic. When a troll targeted her double denim outfit consisting of jeans, a printed sweater, and a denim jacket with a shearling collar, Frankel clapped back, asserting her right to dress as she pleases. She emphasized the importance of wearing what makes her feel comfortable and confident, regardless of others’ opinions.

Bethenny Frankel’s bold style statements and candid confessions about her personal struggles have sparked conversations and divided opinions. While some admire her fearless approach to fashion, others question her decision-making in relationships. Ultimately, Frankel’s willingness to be transparent about her experiences serves as a reminder that even public figures face challenges behind the scenes. Love her or hate her, one thing is certain – Bethenny Frankel will continue to make headlines with her controversial style choices and unfiltered honesty.


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