The Decline of Comedy According to Jerry Seinfeld

The Decline of Comedy According to Jerry Seinfeld

In a recent interview on the New Yorker’s Radio Hour, legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld expressed his concerns about the current state of comedy. As he approaches his 70th birthday, Seinfeld believes that modern show business has lost its sense of humor, largely due to the rise of politically correct culture. According to Seinfeld, the “extreme left” has had a detrimental impact on TV shows and sitcoms, leading to a lack of comedic content for audiences.

Seinfeld reminisced about a time when people could come home and rely on finding something funny on TV, such as shows like ‘Cheers’ and ‘M.A.S.H.’ However, he argues that in today’s society, humor is noticeably absent from television programming. Seinfeld attributes this shift to the influence of “woke-ism” and political correctness, which he believes have stifled creativity and caused writers to be overly cautious about potentially offending certain groups.

Seinfeld’s criticism comes from his perspective as a comedy veteran, having achieved immense success with his iconic show “Seinfeld.” Despite his personal accomplishments, Seinfeld is disillusioned with the direction that comedy is heading in. He expresses frustration with the increased scrutiny that scripts face from various parties, resulting in a watering down of comedic content.

Despite his reservations about the current state of comedy, Seinfeld maintains a fondness for New York City, where he made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He appreciates the city’s authentic and gritty atmosphere, which remains unchanged amidst the evolving world around him. Seinfeld humorously describes New Yorkers as “cranky people who like to complain and suffer,” highlighting his love for the city’s unique character.

Jerry Seinfeld’s candid reflections on comedy offer valuable insights into the challenges facing the industry today. While his views may be controversial to some, his perspective as a comedy icon sheds light on the changing landscape of humor in the 21st century. As audiences continue to seek laughter and entertainment, Seinfeld’s critique serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the essence of comedy in a rapidly changing world.


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