The Downside of Boozy Broadway Shows

The Downside of Boozy Broadway Shows

The Broadway show “Cabaret” has been making waves, not only for its stellar performances but also for the boozy pre-show “prologue” that is causing some trouble among tipsy theatergoers. The 75-minute “prologue” that takes place before the main performance allows attendees to enjoy drinks in the “Kit Kat Club” bar area of the August Wilson Theater while dancers perform. However, this free-flowing alcohol has led to some bad behavior by inebriated guests.

One theatergoer recounted a story on Reddit about a drunk lady sitting next to them who had to get up multiple times to use the restroom, clinking around her ice cubes, and disrupting the show. Another Reddit user mentioned getting into a shouting match with rowdy patrons who were clearly over-served and causing a disturbance during the performance.

When confronted about the unruly behavior of some patrons, the theater’s security mentioned that they were “monitoring” the situation. However, one person claimed that despite security’s intervention, a drunk woman in the front row continued to disrupt the show by blowing kisses at one of the actors. Even after a stern talking to during intermission, the patron remained confused and sleepy for the rest of the performance.

Feedback from other attendees highlighted instances of excessive drinking and disruptive behavior during the show. One person mentioned being seated next to a wasted individual who constantly asked what was happening on stage. It seems that the problem of over-serving is not limited to “Cabaret,” as several people pointed out similar experiences at other Broadway shows. Despite the disturbances, many still found the show to be fantastic and worth the trouble of dealing with drunk audience members.

Even the stars of “Cabaret” have had to deal with the consequences of unruly audience behavior. Eddie Redmayne recounted an incident where a woman walked on stage during a song and grabbed him, leading to her ejection from the theater. The star emphasized the importance of audience boundaries and the need for respect during performances.

In addition to excessive drinking, theatergoers also complained about cell phones going off during the show. One person humorously referenced an incident involving Patti Lupone snatching a phone from an audience member during another show, suggesting that similar measures may be necessary to maintain focus during the performance. Another fan jokingly suggested that cell phones ringing during a show set in Weimar Germany would not be out of place, given the boozy atmosphere of the time.

Overall, the influx of alcohol during Broadway shows like “Cabaret” has led to disruptive behavior and challenges for both audience members and performers. While some may see it as part of the experience, it is essential for theaters to address the issue of over-serving and maintain a respectful environment for all attendees.


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