The Duchess of Sussex’s Lifestyle Brand: American Riviera Orchard

The Duchess of Sussex’s Lifestyle Brand: American Riviera Orchard

The Duchess of Sussex has recently launched her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, revealing its first line of products in a gift hamper sent to her friends. This new venture comes after the closure of her previous lifestyle blog, The Tig, in 2017. The brand has already received positive feedback from recipients of the initial product line, including a jar of jam.

Product Line and Reception

The hamper delivered to Meghan’s friends, such as Tracy Robbins and Delfina Blaquier, contained a beautifully packaged jar of jam that was well received. Tracy Robbins shared her excitement on Instagram, thanking Meghan for the gift and expressing her love for the jam. Delfina Blaquier also shared her appreciation for the sweet treat, posting a picture of her breakfast with jam-covered toast. The positive reception of the product line suggests a promising start for American Riviera Orchard.

Meghan first unveiled her new lifestyle brand in March through a website and Instagram page under the name ‘American Riviera Orchard’. The promotional video featured the Duchess engaging in various activities, hinting at the products she might be offering. While specific details about the brand have not been revealed, trademark application filings suggest a range of products including cookbooks, tableware, food items, and cosmetics. This expansion into beauty products adds a new dimension to Meghan’s brand compared to her previous blog.

The transition from The Tig to American Riviera Orchard represents a logical progression for Meghan as she continues to explore her interests in food, travel, fashion, and beauty. The closure of The Tig left a void in her followers’ desire for accessible lifestyle content, which American Riviera Orchard aims to fill. By incorporating beauty products into the brand, Meghan is expanding her reach to new audiences while staying true to her original content style.

Royal expert Christine Ross commented on Meghan’s new venture, highlighting the continuity from her previous work on The Tig. She noted the demand for Meghan’s content and insights into her lifestyle, which American Riviera Orchard seeks to address. The positive response to the brand’s initial products and the incorporation of beauty items suggest a promising future for Meghan’s lifestyle brand.

The Duchess of Sussex’s new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, is off to a strong start with its initial product line and positive reception from recipients. The brand’s launch marks a continuation of Meghan’s previous work on The Tig, expanding into new product categories while maintaining her signature style. With the support of her friends and followers, Meghan’s venture into the lifestyle industry is poised for success.


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