The Duchess of Sussex’s Mother’s Day Celebrations

The Duchess of Sussex’s Mother’s Day Celebrations

The Duchess of Sussex will be missing out on celebrating Mother’s Day with her children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, as she and Prince Harry conclude their three-day trip to Nigeria. The couple’s visit to the west African country was to engage in public events organized by the chief of defence staff, including a visit to a school and a training session for Nigeria: Unconquered. Despite being away from her children on this special day, the Duchess has made sure to keep them close to her heart.

Typically, the Duchess of Sussex celebrates Mother’s Day privately with her children. However, in the past, she has also used the occasion to support various charitable campaigns. For instance, on her first Mother’s Day in 2019, just days after welcoming baby Archie, Meghan and Harry shared a touching snapshot on their now-inactive Instagram account, Sussex Royal. The photo featured Archie’s tiny toes against a backdrop of forget-me-nots at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, paying tribute to all mothers, including Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, who loved forget-me-nots.

In 2021, when Meghan was nearing the end of her pregnancy with daughter Lilibet, the Sussexes’ Archewell Foundation collaborated with Harvest Home L.A to donate essential items to pregnant women and their children. Meghan personally penned a letter emphasizing the importance of community support, safe pregnancy resources, and trusted guidance for expectant mothers. Additionally, Meghan supported a campaign by Alliance of Moms, co-founded by her close friend Kelly McKee Zajfen, aimed at raising awareness for expectant and parenting foster youth in Los Angeles. Kelly praised Meghan for her nurturing nature and advocacy for those in need.

During her visit to the Lightway Academy in Nigeria, Meghan shared insights into Archie and Lilibet’s interests. While Lilibet loves singing and dancing, Archie enjoys construction. Despite missing out on Mother’s Day celebrations with her children, the Duchess strives to create meaningful experiences for them and nurture their unique talents and interests. Meghan’s dedication to motherhood and her commitment to supporting mothers in need reflect her compassionate and caring nature.

Mother’s Day holds a special significance for the Duchess of Sussex, not only as a mother but also as an advocate for maternal support and community empowerment. Despite being away from her children on this occasion, Meghan’s unwavering dedication to motherhood and her efforts to support mothers in need highlight her compassionate and nurturing spirit. As she celebrates Mother’s Day, both privately with her children and through her charitable endeavors, Meghan continues to inspire and uplift mothers around the world.


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